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Can you tell us about your background as an artist, and how you got into NFTs?

I’d always loved drawing, but I would say I got “into art” in 2014 when a friend showed me NewHive. NewHive was an online platform where people could create websites without having to code. People interested in internet based art made incredible work, and NewHive prioritized curating the work in a thoughtful and engaging way.

I was addicted to making NewHives, and in hindsight it’s only natural I would be interested in NFTs. Digital first art has had many incarnations over the years, and NFTs feel like the natural evolution. I was invited to be one of the first fifty artists on Foundation, before they launched in February of 2021

Green Psycho, Figma Paintings, 2021

What’s the scoop with your most recent project?

I find myself working in series. When I am creating art, I don’t intend to perpetuate a series, but it ends up happening on its own. Consequently, I have a few ongoing projects. 

Most recently, I released a series of 100 NFTs called “KMS (Katherine Minting Stuff)”, which is my first language based art series. KMS Tokens explore 100 different alternatives to the acronym “KMS” (which stands for “Kill Your Self”). Alternatives include things like, “Kiss Me Softly,” “Ketchup Mayonnaise Sauerkraut,” etc.

I am also working on two long-standing bodies of work centered on digital painting. I am using two productivity tools, Keynote and Figma, to create the paintings. I am obsessed with the idea of reinterpreting spaces for work into spaces for play. I used to work as a designer on both of these tools, and it’s been empowering to reimagine my relationship as a designer who puts forth the constraints for these applications, into someone who subverts those constraints for unintended purposes.

Tokonoma 2, from the Tokonomas series, 2021

What’s been your biggest success as an artist so far?

I felt honored to have Rhizome, the digitally-focused arm of the New Museum, accession one of my Keynote files into their ArtBase. I’m thrilled to find such thoughtful stewards for the work, and to have one of my pieces alongside other artists I deeply admire.

Painlets iii (4444), Painlets, 2021

What do you hope audiences take away after spending time with your work?

Tools are what you make of them. And my art is optimistic. Boring applications for work can be flipped to create landscapes, beauty and play. Telling everyone you want to KMS (kill yourself) can be a way of saying “Keeping My Sanity”.

The Gardens II, The Gardens, 2021

What’s coming up next for you that we can look forward to?

I have a web based piece that’s coming out in the fall. It’s an homage to tokonomas, or alcoves to display ikebana (Japanese floral arrangements) in. Stay tuned!

BOUQUET s o u v enir__wallpaper3💐 (still), macOS Dynamic Wallpapers, 2021


Katherine Frazer is an artist and designer exploring the social implications of consumer technology. Previously she worked at Apple, Figma, and Muze on creation tools. Her work has been included in the Rhizome Artbase, featured in Codame Art and Tech Festival, Dazed Digital, and PAPER Magazine, with commissions for NewHive and MTV. She graduated with degrees in Communication Design and Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. Frazer is based in Brooklyn.

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